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"Art in the regime". Vladimir Tsesler exhibition opened in Warsaw

The exhibition of posters by the famous designer and artist Vladimir Tsesler opened on October 28 at the (Duży Pokój) studio in Warsaw.

First of all, we wanted to draw attention to the context of Vladimir Tsesler posters, when art stays(remains) a means of cultural resistance and reaction to modern processes in Belarus.

Tsesler's art is a colourful commentary on the political and social situation in Belarus:sometimes it takes away the hope of democracy and change  to return it to another strong meaning.

And this perspective seems ideal for talking about Belarus, for the integration of people fleeing from(можно без from) the regime. As a result of mass protests, unprecedented the scale of arrests and the outflow of more than 100 thousand people from the country, the artist's activity has acquired a new dimension.

Vladimir Tsesler  could not fly to Warsaw - he is currently in Cyprus, but at the opening of the presentation we contacted the artist on the video link! Vladimir Tsesler said that art in his case fulfills its function, but cannot play a decisive role in the current situation in Belarus.

Tsesler said "If I took each of my work so close to heart, I would not have the strength to create further.I think that poster art is so universal that my works do not need to be explained in words, their meaning is immediately visible".

As part of the exhibition a large  accompanying program was shown. A number of events were held not only offline, but also broadcasted live.

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