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Programme for helping political prisoners

This programme is designed to reimburse medical expenses linked with providing medical assistance to political prisoners.
At the moment, those convicted due to political motives are deliberately being subjected to danger from administration of prisons and other correction facilities.

This is done through having overcrowded prison cells, bad food, limiting access to hygiene and medical resources. As the result, this doesn’t just effect the prisoner’s health but puts their lives at risk.

Many of those arrested already have ongoing conditions that require surgery and/ or course of treatment outside prison. However, they are being denied this while they are held in prison.
People with long term conditions and mental health issues are deliberately left without medical help. Requests for medical attention made by the prisoners, their lawyers and family members are consistently ignored. Similarly, it’s often impossible to find out any information about the state of health of those in custody.

Please note that the above actions of Belarusian authorities directly contradict the standards for prisoners set out by United Nations.

The only remaining way to support those currently located in places of detention is to include medical and vitamin supplements in care packages sent through by family members. By reimbursing the cost of medical supplies and examinations we can make life significantly easier for the families of political prisoner’s and those targeted for political reasons