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Help for families of political prisoners

Providing emergency assistance to families of political prisoners.
This is one of the key initiatives implemented by charitable organisation “LITTOUWIN LIONS CLUB”.The purpose of this project is to help create a supportive environment for those that have suffered the consequences of repressions as well as help families of political prisoners facing a crisis.
Each separate application will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
Identity of the Applicant – application can be submitted by a family member of pollical prisoner or someone who is being targeted for political reasons who has undergone torture;  
Assessment of the Situation – application should be submitted in the interest of the individual who is at risk due to their current activities. The extent of these risks should be described in detail (is the individual currently in prison, subjected to violence, harassment, arrests, etc).
Similarly, during assessment of application, we take into account any unanticipated factors within the family of applicant (death of a loved one, serious illness, birth of a child, arrest of any bank accounts and property).
Needs – applicant needs help with temporary monetary support (in case of no access to alternative means of support or due to reasons where these means are currently not an option).

IMPORTANT! Requirements for each criteria are not closed. Each application is considered on individual basis.